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PARTNER SITE (Historical)

Winnebago County District Attorney's Office
Winnebago County, Wisconsin


In Wisconsin, the Winnebago County District Attorney’s Office will lead a collaborative effort to both create and strengthen interventions with opioid-involved persons at interception points from pre-arrest diversion through probation.


The District Attorney’s Office will lead a team of community partners to increase and enhance existing efforts at four specific intercept points. First, the team will arrange training and education of law enforcement officers (Intercept 1) as well as prosecutors, public defenders, and judges. The team will also identify candidates for diversion (Intercept 2) and arrange their entry and engagement in OUD treatment services. Next, the team will introduce peer-support and counseling services in custody (Intercept 3) to initiate treatment prior to release. The approach includes coordinating OUD-treatment services on reentry and providing transportation to treatment services as necessary (Intercept 4). The project will also increase distribution of naloxone (Narcan®) and pre-release and post-release injectable naltrexone (Vivitrol®) for persons recently released from jail, who will be connected with medically assisted treatment (MAT) and other treatment services in the community.


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