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Winnebago County District Attorney's Office
Winnebago County, Wisconsin


The Winnebago County District Attorney’s Office is leading this project to fill the substantial gap in SUD-treatment service provision in Winnebago County by providing treatment services for persons facing felony drug-possession charges, a group not currently offered SUD services; and identifying effective behavioral interventions for stimulant-use disorders and bolstering community and supervision services to curtail use.


In an effort to reduce unnecessary incarceration and improve health, behavioral, and criminal-justice outcomes, the District Attorney’s Office is developing, implementing, and assessing a felony-diversion program that addresses SUDs and focuses on defendants’ needs. The Stimulant and Opioid Addiction Recovery (SOAR) Program will operate in two phases, to rapidly triage people who are able to desist from drug use (with or without treatment) out of the criminal-justice system and have their cases dismissed, so they are able to avoid the harms of incarceration and the collateral consequences of a felony conviction. People who are not successful in Phase 1 are moved to Phase 2, where they are prioritized for intensive support to assist with their recovery. If they are able to succeed with these additional supports, they will have their cases dismissed. Those who are not able to succeed are returned to court where their case will be subject to standard processing.


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