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Supplemental Research Bulletin—Disaster Behavioral Health Interventions Inventory

Disasters damage homes and infrastructure, displace communities, and make it harder to access resources. The disruption disasters cause can affect individuals' mental health, leading to distress and, in some, mental illness. To prepare for disasters, communities need plans to deliver psychosocial support using interventions vetted for quality and evidence.

To support this effort, this Supplemental Research Bulletin is an inventory of disaster behavioral health interventions. An update to a similar Supplemental Research Bulletin from 2015, this edition provides information about a wide range of interventions. Information is provided about intervention type, delivery settings, populations who may benefit most, status of the research base, and articles about the interventions, as well as manuals if available. Interventions are grouped by whether they are designed for delivery over immediate, intermediate, and long-term post-disaster periods. Expanded sections about web-based and mobile interventions highlight websites, mobile applications, and other resources disaster-affected individuals can use on their own or with a professional in support of recovery from disaster stressors and trauma.



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