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Seattle Police Department
Seattle/King County, Washington


The Seattle Police Department is leading a project to address problems often encountered by justice-involved women with SUDs who return to the community after incarceration. With partner agencies, the project provides lean-in case management to incarcerated women, with housing and a range of services offered to women as they return to the community.


In addition to community housing, programming and educational strategies will be developed to include virtual reality for SUD education; assistance in enrolling in community programming and community college, including online options; strategies for engaging clients in SUD programs, emphasizing MAT; and increasing access to health, employment, and other social services. Input will be gathered on project processes and outcomes (e.g., numbers housed, participation in programming and educational options, SUD-related problems) to understand if and how the strategy needs to be revised.

Parallel efforts will provide SUD and communication education to SPD trainees. Because little is provided in the state police academy on how to appropriately identify and communicate with justice-involved women in the community, trainees will be given pre-academy education and training to improve professional knowledge, sensitivity, and communication with this population. This component includes meetings between trainees and program clients in casual settings, so trainees can get to know these women as persons deserving of respect and understanding.


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