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DeKalb County Court Services
DeKalb County, Illinois


DeKalb County Court Services is conducting a court-based intervention program to prioritize and expedite SUD treatment and recovery services to people at high risk of overdose. This program was developed to fully meet the needs of clients in the criminal justice system with SUDs while increasing public safety.


The intervention goal is to provide appropriate SUD assessment, treatment, and evaluation for persons who enter the DeKalb criminal justice system who have underlying SUDs that may have contributed to the crimes with which they have been charged. The provision of comprehensive services includes completion of an evidence-based risk assessment for each person referred to Court Services. Results of the assessment will determine sentencing alternatives including treatment referrals. While in the program, participants can be referred to either outpatient or residential treatment, with treatment duration determined by the treatment provider. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is also an option, and one goal is to begin offering MAT in the county jail. When treatment is completed, Court Services will provide recovery support with a peer recovery support specialist, including linkages to healthcare, recovery/transitional housing, employment, and other wraparound services.

A second approach is to train Court Services personnel and members of local law-enforcement agencies on the use of Narcan to reduce opioid-overdose fatalities. A related aim is to have Narcan available in all county vehicles and offices where Court Service clients may be present.


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