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DeKalb County Court Services

DeKalb County, IL


In Illinois, DeKalb County Court Services is leading a coalition of criminal justice and public health partners called the DeKalb County Opioid Dependency Diversion Program (ODDP). ODDP will respond to the needs of justice-involved persons with opioid use disorder (OUD) through a focus on prevention, treatment, recovery, and response, including by diverting these persons into community-based treatment.


ODDP builds on the 2017 State of Illinois Opioid Action Plan, as well as a project from the same year that established the Illinois Drug Overdose Prevention Program (DOPP). DOPP provides immediate access to treatment services to justice-involved persons with OUD. Project partners, including county officials and public health and criminal justice agencies, will build on the success of DOPP to identify persons with OUD and provide services to them as early as possible.

ODDP will lead implementation of an evidence-based OUD screening tool, to be used at multiple criminal justice system intercept points to ensure that people are receiving the services they need. These services include providing medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services to justice-involved persons who: (1) are diverted to the program in lieu of having criminal charges filed (Intercept 1); (2) have been charged and are awaiting trial (Intercept 2); and (3) are under community supervision (Intercept 3). Before, during, and after the participants receive MAT, they will receive other assistance to address their individual needs, such as funding for gaps in treatment coverage or transportation support for those who live in rural communities. Throughout the project, the team will improve data sharing between partners through consent agreements, data-sharing agreements, or deidentified data transfer.


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