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Davidson County Sheriff’s Office
Davidson County, Tennessee


The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with community partners, is implementing a project to provide effective services for high-needs men with SUD who are releasing from DCSO custody, strengthen families affected by SUD and parental incarceration, and develop programs to reduce SUD risk among school-aged youth.


This project offers justice-involved men with SUD who are housed in DCSO facilities a path to recovery and resources for their families to assist in that recovery. This includes in-jail recovery classes, supportive housing and recovery assistance, help with job placement and financial planning, and assistance with SUD and other treatment and services. DCSO and community partners are implementing a program developed for incarcerated fathers, fashioned after a similar program already implemented for incarcerated mothers. In the Father’s Day Out program, eligible fathers will get to meet weekly with their children away from the jail, in a safe and secure location. This allows for maintenance or strengthening of the father-child relationship, ensuring that children are able to interact with their fathers even during incarceration. The project also provides alternatives to students in the Nashville Metro School District who may be at risk for SUD or criminal activity, including mentoring, music workshops as an opportunity to explore artistic and creative talents, and showcases that bring artists from to perform for in the schools.


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